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Professional manufacture focusing on hydraulic and electric pallet stackers,pallet trucks, forklifts,drive wheels and control handles...


Our company was formally established in 1997, and started exporting in 2008.


Provice professional pre-sale consultation,perfect operation drawings and instructions,Patient and quick after sales response and service.

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Our company has 45workers, 2 technicians, 6 sales staff and 3 after-sales personnel.

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company news
china latest news about what is rach truck stacker ?what is meaning
On May 14, 2024
A reach truck is a type of forklift that has a mast or fork carriage that can extend forward. Specifically, it allows the forks to move forward a certain distance to pick up cargo while the counterweight remains primarily on the wheels. A reach truck is an electric stacker with a forward-reaching ...
china latest news about What is VNA forklift?VNA forklift meaning.
On November 10, 2023
VNA stands for "Very Narrow Aisle," and a VNA forklift refers to a type of forklift designed to operate in very narrow aisles in warehouses and distribution centers. The primary purpose of VNA forklifts is to maximize the use of available storage space by allowing for closer stacking of pallets and ...
china latest news about Q:Which is better? Vertical drive wheel or horizontal drive wheel?
On October 8, 2023
A:The choice between a vertical drive wheel and a horizontal drive wheel for an electric stacker depends on various factors, including the type of stacker, its intended use, and specific application requirements. Both types of drive wheels have their advantages and disadvantages, so there is no one...
china latest news about Q: Which motor type for drive wheel(traction wheel) is better? AC or DC?
On October 8, 2023
A: The choice between an AC (Alternating Current) motor and a DC (Direct Current) motor for a drive wheel (traction wheel) in a vehicle or mobile equipment application depends on several factors, including the specific requirements of the application and the advantages each motor type offers. Here ...
china latest news about How to choose a right roll stacker
On November 2, 2023
Selecting the right roll stacker is crucial for efficient and safe material handling in various industries. To choose the most suitable roll stacker for your specific needs, follow these steps: 1. Determine your specific requirements: - Identify the type and dimensions of rolls you need to handle (e...