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May 14, 2024

what is rach truck stacker ?what is meaning

A reach truck is a type of forklift that has a mast or fork carriage that can extend forward. Specifically, it allows the forks to move forward a certain distance to pick up cargo while the counterweight remains primarily on the wheels.

A reach truck is an electric stacker with a forward-reaching design, mainly composed of a motor, travel device, lifting mechanism, and an operating system. It uses electricity as a power source to travel on smooth surfaces, easily lifting and placing cargo at the desired location. Compared to traditional forklifts, reach trucks have a more flexible structure and smaller turning radius, enabling them to operate in narrow aisles.

Additionally, reach trucks are suitable for high-density storage environments and can handle various sizes and weights of cargo. Their flexible structure and precise control make them widely used in logistics centers, production floors, supermarkets, and other facilities to improve work efficiency, reduce labor costs, and mitigate risks.

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